Course Materials - Version 5.0 for the 2018 CIA Exam

Version 5.0 of The IIA’s CIA Learning System will prepare you for the 2018 CIA exam. Aligned with the 2017 IPPF, it’s an interactive review program that includes printed/e-book reading materials and online study tools to teach and reinforce the entire CIA exam syllabus in a flexible, on-demand format. You can purchase each part individually, or a full, 3-part kit.

Whether you choose to study on your own with the self-study program, or enroll in an instructor-led course, you will have access to the comprehensive reading materials and online study tools detailed below.

Begin Your 2018 CIA Studies!

Begin your 2018 CIA studies today with comprehensive reading materials and interactive online study tools.

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Comprehensive Reading Materials

Reading materials teach the CIA exam syllabus topics in a concise and easy-to-understand format.

  • Study with printed materials or e-books.
  • Use books as reference materials for years to come.
  • Ensure you have the most comprehensive and relevant study materials for the 2018 CIA exam.
  • Choose English or French materials.

Interactive Online Study Tools

Mobile-optimized online study tools will help you develop a personalized study plan, apply and test your comprehension of the CIA syllabus topics, track your progress and finalize your CIA exam preparations.

  • Pre-test

    • Evaluate your initial knowledge to identify areas of strength and weakness.
  • SmartStudy

    • Build a customized study plan using your pre-test results to target your most challenging topics and optimize your study time.
  • Chapter-specific quizzes

    • After reading each chapter, test your comprehension, retention, and ability to apply concepts.
  • Flashcards

    • Offer a review of key internal audit terms and definitions.
  • Post Tests

    • After studying all chapters, gauge the knowledge you’ve gained and areas that require further study.
  • CIA Practice Exam

    • This final exam will help you build confidence using the computer-based CIA exam software before you enter the test center.
  • Progress Report

    • Track your activities and scores.
  • Resource Center

    • Access test-taking tips, CIA exam resources, feedback links and more!
  • StudyPLUS

    • These CIA exam tips and tools, found in the online resource center, give you a final confidence boost for exam day.
  • Online Access Period

    • Purchasers of an individual part will have access to the online study tools for one year from date of purchase. Purchasers of a full, three-part kit will have access for two years from date of purchase.