My CIA Review Plan

Having the right CIA study materials and a realistic study plan are critical to ensuring that you meet your CIA goals, on schedule.

The IIA has created and updated "My CIA Review Plan™" to help all potential 3-Part CIA candidates estimate the time they need to devote to their CIA preparations and set a detailed study plan.

Your customized plan will take into consideration your goals for completing the CIA exam, years of experience, specialized expertise, method of study, and more! By answering a few simple questions, you will receive a customized plan to help you stay on track.



Why Should You Create a CIA Review Plan?

  • Free planning tool: The IIA is committed to providing all CIA candidates with the tools they need to achieve their CIA certification goals. Setting a realistic plan is critical, therefore The IIA has made this tool available, at no charge, to all interested candidates. If your situation changes and you need to modify your plan, come back and create a new plan.
  • Fast and simple: By answering only a few simple questions about your goals, experiences, and preferences, you can create a fully customized plan in less than five minutes. A small investment in upfront planning will save you hours of study time.
  • Customized study plan: The CIA Review Plan you create is based on your individual situation. As such, you will be more likely to stick to the plan and follow through on your CIA goals.
  • Time saver: Your CIA Review Plan will reveal the topics in which your experience and expertise will save you valuable study time.

How Does It Work?

Step One: Answer a few simple questions.

  • Provide your contact information so we can customize your report.
  • Answer questions about your CIA goals, experience/expertise, and study preferences.


Step Two: Review your customized CIA Review Plan.

  • Print a copy of your CIA Review Plan.
  • Review the three parts of your customized plan:
    • Study Summary: Provides a quick summary of your CIA goals, time required to meet your goals, and projected completion date.
    • Preferences Review: Review your answers and how each one impacted your estimated study time.
    • Detailed Study Plan: Your customized study plan includes step-by-step instructions on how to complete your CIA studies. Set your own customized weekly schedule in order to ensure that you complete your studies according to your goal.


Step Three: Follow-through.

In order to ensure that you follow-through on your CIA Review Plan, follow these helpful tips:

  • Keep a printed copy of your detailed study plan in a visible place to serve as a constant reminder of your commitment. Be sure to check-off tasks as you complete them.
  • Enter your major study goals in your electronic calendar.
  • Schedule your CIA exam as soon as possible to provide a firm goal for completion.
  • If your situation changes, go back and create a new CIA Review Plan.