More than 30,000 internal audit professionals in 185 countries have trusted The IIA’s CIA Learning System to advance their internal audit knowledge and skills, and prepare for the Certified Internal Auditor exam.

Naveed Khizar Sheikh, CIA, Head Internal Shariah Audit, United Bank Limited, Pakistan

I prepared for all three CIA exam parts using The IIA’s CIA Learning System and passed them all on my first attempt. I studied in phases, starting with the reading materials that were so comprehensive that no other sources were needed. In the second phase, I completed practice questions. This is the best part of CIA Learning System, providing reinforcement and feedback. In the third and last phase, I used the practice exam to evaluate my preparation level and focus on topics to improve. The IIA’s CIA Learning System is the key to success on the CIA exams and I would highly recommend it to CIA candidates.”

Elijah Kariuki, CPA, Head of Internal Audit, ECLOF, Kenya

The CIA Learning System is such a valuable investment. I’ve used it exclusively to study for Parts 1 and 2 of the CIA exam, passing both in my first attempt! The short manageable sections were very helpful as I squeezed in an hour of study in the early mornings before my busy workday. The practice questions taught me to think beyond my sector and tested my exam preparedness. I look forward to earning the prestigious CIA title soon!

Mudassir Mirza, CIA, Auditor, Law Society of Alberta

The IIA’s materials were concise, relevant, and helped me pass Part 3 on my first try. Having spent most of my career in Risk Management, I didn’t have a lot of experience in Internal Audit, but the CIA Learning System made it easier for me to learn new topics. The language was simple to understand and the material was in alignment with the CIA syllabus. I feel gratitude to The IIA for having developed such great materials!

Victor Dominguez Zapata, CIA, Sr. Internal Auditor, Medical Devices Industry

The IIA’s CIA Learning System was quite comprehensive, providing the information required not only to feel confident and succeed in the tests, but also to help you understand the foundations of the Internal Audit standards, our mission and objectives. I firmly believe that CIA certification has been a great boost for my career, allowing me to exhibit my commitment to this career and show that I have the skills and knowledge required to add value to our organization.

Jeanne Collins, CIA

I would definitely recommend the recently updated CIA Learning System to other candidates. I used these tools exclusively to prepare for the difficult Part 3 CIA exam. The pre-test identified the areas I needed the most help with and focused my attention. The text and simulated questions prepared me to pass the exam. My CIA certification helped me secure a promotion from Corporate Auditor to Manager of Internal Audit.

Dorota Worczak, CIA

I wanted to earn my CIA certification to enhance my competencies and skills, but I got so much more. Achieving this goal gave me a huge confidence boost and I firmly believe it will help me get my dream job one day. I passed all three exams on the first try after studying with the CIA Learning System. I was able to study at my own pace, in a structured way. Studying and passing the exams during the pandemic was a very positive experience during an uncertain time.

Helen Gordon, CIA

The IIA’s CIA Learning System Version 7.0 made a real difference for me. The pre-test exam identified my areas of weakness so I could focus. With working from home, homeschooling my daughter, and other pandemic stresses, this was invaluable. The targeted learning and new practice questions were really helpful. I was delighted to pass Part 3 and earn my CIA in 2021!

Nina Brody, CIA

CIA certification was a five-year process for me. I took The IIA’s CIA Learning System class with instructor Vicki McIntyre, and she was a supportive coach throughout the ups and downs of my journey. Not sure if I am the oldest person to obtain their CIA at the age 62 – but I am so happy that I did. The following round of reviews, I received a promotion to Senior Manager, IA & SOX Compliance along with a nice pay raise. I can no longer say that I am underpaid and underappreciated! I truly enjoy internal audit and am grateful for ALL of the support and guidance provided by my instructor, Vicki.

Oratile Mosweu

I recently bought the Learning System and I love it! It’s very detailed, well explained and updated material. I have used competing materials twice without success, but I am very confident that with the CIA Learning System I will pass the exam successfully.

Percy Mupita, CIA

The IIA’s CIA Learning System provided me with all the guidance and materials I needed to study on my own, pass the CIA exam, and earn the CIA Certificate of Honor. Being a CIA has increased my self-confidence and credibility with line mangers, peers, and auditees.

Petra van den Boom

With the help of The IIA’s CIA Learning System I passed the exams for part 1, 2 and 3 all on the first attempt. The self-study system enabled me to study whenever and wherever I felt like it. Especially the practice questions online are very helpful. The materials are also a fine reference book that I can use in my work situation.

Yahia Gad

Thanks to The IIA and the CIA Learning System, I am now a Certified Internal Auditor. I just finished part 3 of the CIA exam and appreciate very much how great the Learning System is. I depended on this product to pass and I advise everyone to do the same.

Najeeb Haq

The amount of time, money and energy saved by passing the CIA examination in your first attempt is a sufficient justification for the price paid for The IIA’s CIA Learning System.

Rick Wardrip, CIA, CISA, CPA

In sitting for professional exams, I found The IIA’s CIA Learning System to be the most effective program that I have been a part of. One of my managers is now using the CIA Learning System and he concurs with my thoughts. I especially want to thank The IIA for putting out such an excellent learning system to prepare for the CIA examination. I passed all sections the first time.

Pantelis Ladopoulos, CIA

The striking difference between The IIA’s CIA Learning System materials and other available materials is that it helps you understand the material rather than memorize multiple choice questions. So each time a question came up during the exam, I answered because I knew the engineering of the subject. I passed all parts the first time and am now a Big 4 professional.

Mark Popp

The IIA’s CIA Learning System has proven to be an effective learning tool to prepare for and pass the CIA examinations. The texts are well written and concise. The online quizzes and practice examinations are a great way to evaluate your progress and provide reinforcement to the material in the text. I used the text and online quizzes/practice examinations as my sole means of preparing for the examinations and I am pleased with the results. I highly recommend the IIA learning system for anyone who wants to take the CIA examinations.

Summer Daniel, CIA, CRMA

I love The IIA’s CIA Learning System! Everything was easy to use, extremely helpful and relevant to the actual test, and overall, a very well put together study packet. It all just made sense – it was not confusing like the other study materials I used prior to getting the Learning System.

Dave Maira, CIA

Three out of three. I passed all three parts on my first try, and this system helped me do it. Although the CIA Learning System does not have the thousands and thousands of questions other courses proclaim to have, it provided an EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE way for me to learn what I needed to and then assess what I learned. It focused me on understanding concepts rather than memorizing rote information and regurgitating it. I found that I was well prepared for the unusual and unfamiliar questions when they presented themselves in the exam. Kudos to a nicely designed system that did what I was hoping it would do.

Peggy Willens, CIA

I was certainly well-prepared for the tests and passed all three parts on my first attempt. In addition to earning the certification, my CIA preparations better positioned me to do good work – with a broader knowledge base and better understanding of the internal audit process. The certification also shows that I’m committed to the IA field and willing to invest in my own professional development.

Bill Flahr, CPA, CA, CIA

The IIA’s CIA Learning System worked very well for me, helping me achieve the third highest score on the CIA exam in 2015. The keys to my success were establishing and sticking to a realistic study schedule, and using the written materials, online quizzes and practice exams.

Doug Forster, CIA, CPA, CMA

To prepare for the CIA exam, I enrolled in a local IIA CIA Learning System course. In addition to classroom instruction and discussion, I used all of the Learning System study tools to create a study plan and work through online pre-tests, readings and chapter quizzes. Thanks to a committed study effort and a solid exam strategy, I was able to achieve one of the top scores on the CIA exam in 2016.

Sonja Erickson, CIA, 2018 Certificate of Honor Recipient

I wanted to pursue CIA certification to move up in my career and demonstrate my commitment and expertise to clients and employers. As a busy, working parent, I had to use my limited free time well as I prepared for the exams. I started by setting an exam date goal, scheduling one day each weekend to study, and using The IIA’s CIA Learning System practice tests to identify my areas of strength and those topics I needed to spend more time studying. By the time I had studied all the topics and taken all the practice tests, I was very comfortable with the exam format, which helped a lot when taking the actual exams.

Valeria McKee, CIA, Sr. Auditor

I passed all three exams on the first attempt using the IIA’s CIA Learning System. This success was due to the Learning System’s in depth coverage of each topic and underlying concepts. This really helped my understanding and no matter what question I was presented with on the exam, I was able to successfully identify the correct answer. Thank you IIA!

James Nehmer, CIA

The IIA’s CIA Learning System helped me identify and focus on areas where I needed the most work, effectively reducing my study time. I had a great CIA exam experience and passed all three exams on the first attempt.

Joy Larisey, CPA, CIA

I’d definitely recommend The IIA’s CIA Learning System to CIA candidates.  For me, they were the best way to study and helped me to earn the A.J. Hans Spoel Silver Medal award for the 2nd highest score on the CIA exam in 2014.

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