The All-New Version 7.0 is Coming in November! Order Your Materials Now.

Coming November 2020! The IIA’s CIA Learning System Version 7.0 is all-new and updated to focus on passing the exam parts with speed. It remains a comprehensive and interactive CIA review program that teaches and reinforces the updated CIA exam syllabi and International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) in a flexible, on-demand format, tailored to current knowledge gaps, learning style, and schedule. Updated online quizzes, study tools and reading materials (printed books available as an optional add-on), provide candidates with the most personalized, flexible, and efficient study experience for express, exam day success. Order now to be one of the first to access this all-new CIA study system!

The IIA's CIA Learning System, Version 7.0, Offers Exclusive IIA Expertise

No other study tool aligns The IIA’s professional knowledge, training, and certification expertise.

  • Personalized Study Experience: Leverage an individualized study plan that prioritizes content based on your personal knowledge gaps and follows your progress through quiz scores and activities.
  • Microlearning: Focus on smaller content segments, with estimated study times, to make the most efficient use of your available time and ensure you have a clear understanding of each topic.
  • Convenience: Travel light with online access via any mobile device, tablet, or computer. Just log in and continue where you left off. Take advantage of downtime with study tools that are accessible 24/7.
  • IIA Member Benefit: IIA members can click-through to members-only recommended guidance directly from the Learning System’s online study tools!

Aligning IIA Training, Certification and Standards

Harold Silverman, Managing Director of Professional Practices at The IIA, chats with Lisa Hirtzinger, SVP of Training and Development, Lily Bi, SVP of Certifications and Global Development and Jim Pelletier, VP of Standards and Professional Knowledge about the release of The IIA’s CIA Learning System Version 7.0. Watch the video now.

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Order The IIA’s CIA Learning System Version 7.0! Materials will be distributed to you upon release in early November.

Version 6.0 customers will have an opportunity to upgrade to Version 7.0 in November. Get eligibility and pricing information now >

Take Personalized Prep to the Next Level!

Log in on any device whenever you have a spare minute to study! Online study tools offer a recommended study path, learning activity options with time estimates, and progress tracking.


Reading materials teach the CIA exam syllabi, incorporating the latest IIA Professional Guidance, in a concise and easy-to-understand format.

  • Learn the entire CIA exam syllabus and The IIA’s most current professional knowledge.
  • Download books to your e-reader, read online, or choose printed books (optional add-on).
  • Explore topics in more detail online with direct links to additional resources.

Enjoy a dynamic online study experience that prioritizes topics based on your personal knowledge gaps and tracks your progress through quiz scores and activities.

  • Pre-test evaluates current knowledge and helps set your personalized study path.
  • Video tutorial provides an overview of the IPPF components.
  • Quizzes apply and test your knowledge and retention.
  • Flashcards offer review of key terms and definitions.
  • CIA Practice Exam helps build confidence through a computer-based exam emulation.
  • Progress Reporting tracks activities and scores

Frequently Asked Questions

Will The IIA's CIA Learning System Version 7.0 be available in French, Spanish or other languages?

Currently, The IIA’s CIA Learning System Version 7.0 is available in English only. While we are considering the demand for other languages, no translations are planned in the near future.

If I already own Version 6.0, can I still use it to prepare for the CIA exam?

Yes, Version 6.0 materials are still valid for CIA exam preparation as the exam has not changed.

What are the major differences between Version 6.0 and Version 7.0?

The following are some of the biggest changes coming for Version 7.0:

  • Personalized Study Experience: The online software has been completely redesigned with a focus on optimizing mobile studies. It also delivers a recommended study path based on your knowledge gaps identified by the online pre-test.
  • Microlearning: The study materials have been broken into smaller topics areas, with time estimates, allowing you to better plan your studies and fit short study periods into your busy schedule.
  • Focused Exam Preparation: The content in the reading materials has been streamlined to allow you to focus on critical content.
  • Links to IIA Authoritative Resources: If you need to dive deeper into a topic, you can link directly from the online reading materials to authoritative resources.
  • Updated Questions: New and updated questions have been incorporated into more narrowly focused quizzes.

I own Version 6.0, will I automatically have access to Version 7.0 in November?

No, upgrades will not be made automatically as your study history and quiz scores cannot be transferred to Version 7.0. Also, an upgrade is not necessary as the exam has not changed since the launch of Version 6.0. You may opt to upgrade to Version 7.0. Details can be found at