CIA Premier Partner Program

The IIA’s Chapter of Excellence program was introduced in early 2010 to recognize chapters for their belief in quality education and support of the CIA designation, specifically through The IIA’s CIA Learning System program. In 2021, 41 chapters earned this prestigious title.

To align with The IIA’s updated Chapter Achievement Program (CAP) and The IIA’s new Version 7.0 CIA Learning System, the Chapter of Excellence program has been revised and renamed as “The IIA’s CIA Premier Partner” program.


A chapter can offer a CIA exam preparation course through The IIA’s Chapter Partnership program or can choose to partner with an IIA-approved college or university. The course may be sponsored by your chapter or co-sponsored with other chapters in your region.


  • Be on track for Bronze status (or higher) in the Chapter Achievement Program (CAP).
  • Offer all three course parts during the chapter’s calendar year (June–May).
  • Utilize The IIA’s CIA Learning System marketing toolkit to complete the following activities:
    • Send an e-mail announcement to chapter members to promote the course.
    • Promote the course on your website and social media.
    • Place an announcement in your chapter newsletter.
    • Announce the course at chapter event(s).
    • Exclusively promote The IIA’s CIA Learning System courses.
    • Exclusively post an IIA CIA Learning System tile ad on the main page of your website and link to

Submit Your Application!

Submit your CIA Premier Partner online application form on or before March 1.

Questions? Contact Kelly Quinn at [email protected] or +1-651-905-2671.


If a chapter becomes an IIA CIA Premier Partner, it will earn the following:

  • CIA Premier Partner digital badge/tile ad to place on the chapter’s website.
  • CIA Premier Partner digital certificate to add to the chapter’s website.
  • Opportunity to earn revenue by receiving bonuses through the Chapter Partnership program.
  • Discounted CIA exam prep course pricing for chapter members attending an IIA Chapter Partnership program instructor-led course.


  • Chapters may offer in-person or online courses.
  • All marketing activities must be completed at least 4 weeks prior to the course start date.
  • Chapters must complete the online CIA Premier Partner Tracking Form by March 1 to qualify.
  • If your chapter does not have a newsletter or a chapter event occurring, you must execute an email announcement to your members and post the information on your chapter’s website.
  • Qualifying chapters will be announced each year at The IIA’s Leadership Academy.


Your chapter may find the following resources helpful as you promote your training programs.

Tile Ads

300×300 Instructor-led Course Tile Ad.
Please link this tile ad to the course promotion page on your website. If your chapter is not offering a course, link to

210×210 Self-Study Tile Ad. Please link this ad to

Email/Website Copy

Promotion of IIA Chapter Partnership Online Course: Download marketing copy to use on your website, in emails or newsletters in Word Doc format.

Promotion of College/University Partner Instructor-Led Course: Download marketing copy to use on your website, in emails or newsletters in Word Doc format.


Instructor-led Flier: Download a customizable flier that promotes your instructor-led courses (MS Word).